Will the symptoms of Visual Snow get worse?

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Have you ever heard of “Visual Snow”, an ichthyosis that does not go away?
The latest paper on the effect of visual snow treatment (Lamotrigine)

Answer by Peter Goadsby

Will the symptoms of Visual Snow get worse?
Source: https://youtu.be/dABZMJ9yGMw

Will visual snow get worse? to the question

Response from Dr. Peter Goadsby, King’s College, UK.

Many patients complain that the symptoms of visual snow are getting worse.

What our doctors can say with certainty is that none of the patients suffered fatal vision loss due to visual snow .

Visual snow can change or progress.

It is natural for the patient to feel the change.

The good news is that worsening or converted symptoms are not final ( conversely, they can be alleviated ).

stories of patients

Look at the comments on the video

Stress and anxiety were the main factors for worsening symptoms.

In particular, there were many stories of visual snow getting worse in dark environments.

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