What is bluefield and why do white dots appear? mitigation method

“Blue Field”

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What is the blue field phenomenon and how to reduce it ? for

I would like to introduce Dr. Yasser Khan’s answer.

For basic information about Visual Snow, please refer to the link below.

Have you ever heard of “Visual Snow”, which does not go away?
The latest paper on the effect of visual snow treatment (Lamotrigine)

blue field phenomenon

What is bluefield and why do white dots appear? mitigation method
Source: https://youtu.be/6_B-Wo9pQTw

Bluefield eunuch phenomenon is one of the five main criteria for diagnosing visual snow.

As shown in the photo below, these are numerous white dots, and wavy lines are a visible symptom, especially when looking at the sky because they stand out against a blue background.

bluefield eunuch phenomenon
bluefield eunuch phenomenon

This is thought to be a phenomenon in which white blood cells or red blood cells flowing through the retinal blood vessels are visible.

Therefore, it is actually a symptom related to eyes or a symptom commonly experienced by patients with visual snow.

There are not many ways to deal with these symptoms.

The way my personal patients have been helped is by using tinted sunglasses .

In particular , tinted lenses of FL-41 color are recommended .

FL-41 color tint
FL-41 color tint

This color is a very useful lens not only for visual snooers, but also for other patients such as migraines and photopsias.

That’s why I highly recommend this lens for reducing bluefield .


Interesting stuff.

There are really reviews of using this FL-41 tint lens and seeing improvement in symptoms .

In that video, the lens used by Dr. appears in FL-41 color.

I am glad that the color seems to match the trend these days.

You are a doctor with a unique style. At first I thought you were an artist.

Tomorrow I will come back with more helpful content.

thank you.

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