Pfizer eyelid edema, Pfizer eyelid twitching (feat. COVID-19 vaccine ocular side effects) – Part 1

“pfizer eyelid edema”

Hello, easy-to-understand ophthalmology story Easy-Eye (Dr. Song)..

Today, I’ll talk about COVID-19.

It’s already been over 2 years since COVID-19 occured. I’m tired of it…

Originally, I tried to review ocular symptoms related to COVID-19 before.. I postponed it for various reasons, but I’d like to review it because I’m going to see a fun paper this time.

Pfizer eyelid edema, Pfizer eyelid twitching (feat. COVID-19 vaccine ocular side effects) - Part 1

This is a paper that summarizes reports on eye inflammation that occurred after COVID-19 vaccination.

My eyes are weird!

I often see people who say their eyes are weird after vaccination.

Typical symptoms are

  1. eyelid swelling
  2. eyelid twitching
  3. eye injection
  4. decreased vision
  5. diplopia


(Common order when I think about it personally)

pfizer vaccine eyelid edemq
eyelid edema

The symptom of “eyelid edema” is swelling of the skin around the eyes, and it is usually a kind of allergic reaction .

Because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest, it swells well~

In most cases, it gets better over time and if you use cold compresses and allergic drugs, you will get better.

Also, some people says they have stye.

That’s what it’s like when you’re feeling out of your whole body (learn more about the stye > click)

(Your eyes may also be swollen due to inflammatory diseases that occur in “orbit”, a tissue deep around the eye. If you have too much swelling or if your eyes look protruding, you should go to the hospital right away)

If you want to know about more about eyelid edema> Click

vaccine pfizer eyelid twitching, vaccine eye twitching
eyelid twitching

Eyelid twitchings are a very common symptom that everyone experiences at least once in their lives.

There are a lot of people who are saying that they have eye tremors after getting vaccinated.

This eyelid twitching seems to be because it is mainly caused by tiredness and stress in the body.

It’s not serious, but most of them get better when we take a break.

You don’t have to take magnesium.

If you learn more about eyelid twitching > click

The most common symptoms, swelling and twtiching of the eyes are actually very mild and often disappear over time.

What we have to see carefully about vaccine reaction is inflammatory disease related to our immune system.

And since the typical symptoms of such a disease are congestion, pain, and in severe cases, vision loss, we will focus on today.

ocular inflammatory disease.

There are a many type of inflammatory diseases that can occur in the eyes.

Because anatomical structure of the eyes is unfamilliar(actually, we don’t need to know), the name is difficult.

You’ve probably only heard about Apollo eye disease.

Now, let’s take an example with respiratory system which is familiar(since COVID-19)

Pfizer eyelid edema, Pfizer eyelid twitching (feat. COVID-19 vaccine ocular side effects) - Part 1
Respiratory system

The picture above shows our respiratory tract from nose to lung.

Inflammation can occur everywhere. If you look from the outside to inside,

rhinitis in the nose > bronchitis in the bronchial tube >pneumonia in the lung and the deeper it goes, the worse it is.

The same goes for the eyes.

Pfizer eyelid edema, Pfizer eyelid twitching (feat. COVID-19 vaccine ocular side effects) - Part 1
Eye anatomy

The eye can be divied from anterior to posterior according to the way light through.

As shown in the picture above, let’s divide it into anterior, intermediate, posterior(for convenience, it’s divide into 3 parts, and it’s slightly different in medicine)

Ocular inflammatory disease can occur anywhere in the eye and typical disease depending on location are as follow.

  • Anterior parts : conjunctivitis, keratitis, episcleritis, scleritis, anterior uvetitis

  • Intermediate parts : retinitis, choroiditis, intermediate and posterior uvetitis.

  • Posterior parts : optic neuritis etc..

The name is too hard, right?

Now, let’s see paper about ocular inflammatory disease after COVID-19vaccination.

We will talk about what kind of side effectswere there,

What kind of situations do those side effect occur easily.

How dangerous it is

and risk rate for additional vaccination.

It will continue in the second post >Click

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