Dry eye syndrome test, starting with “000” is the most important (Agenda series Part.03)

“Test for dry eye syndrome”

Hello, this is easy-to-understand ophthalmology story.

Is there a way to diagnose with or without dry eye syndrome?

The fifth topic in this agenda series is the test method for dry eye syndrome .

Today, let’s look at how to identify the symptoms that correspond to the most important, most important, and first thing to do is the “question” .

difficult dry eye

Dry eye syndrome can be said to be a disorder of tears and the surface of the eyeball, but above all, subjective symptoms are the key .

Symptoms vary greatly from patient to patient.

Foreign body sensation, discomfort, glare, decreased vision, etc.

Many diagnostic methods and diagnostic tools have been developed to diagnose dry eye syndrome.

Recently, with the development of dazzling technology and increasing understanding of dry eye syndrome, many diagnostic machines incorporating the latest technology have emerged. For example, can you measure tear thickness or meibomian glands?

However, there is still no definitive method for diagnosing dry eye syndrome .

Therefore, for dry eye syndrome, it is very important to ask for and confirm the patient’s symptoms, other diseases, medications, and lifestyle.

If the test results and symptoms are different, the symptoms are correct .

measurement of symptoms

Symptoms are subjective as you feel them .

The only way to identify and measure your symptoms is how you tell them.

In simple terms, the doctor may ask the patient, but it is important to quantify the symptoms in order to know how much the symptoms have gotten worse and have improved.

So we’re going to use a very nice tool called the “Survey” .

What is a good questionnaire?

Questionnaires with too many items or questions that are difficult to understand are poorly designed questionnaires.

Numerous studies have been conducted to create a questionnaire that can catch the symptoms of dry eye syndrome well, repeat it again with similar results, and take a reasonable amount of time to fill out.

Therefore, there are several questionnaires currently used depending on the purpose.

We will introduce OSDI , which is the most convenient and useful, and is being used in many foreign countries.


OSDI stands for Ocular Surface Disease Inedex.

It can be interpreted as “Eye surface disease index” .

In other words, it is an index that scores the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

The OSDI was created in 1997 to evaluate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome and its effects on vision.

After a few revisions, the questionnaire was completed with 12 simple questions and can be completed within 5 minutes.

Shall we try it together?

try it together

1. First, rate the 12 questions below.

OSDI - Dry Eye Test
OSDI questionnaire

2. Add up all the scores for answering 12 questions

3. Calculate your OSDI score using the formula below

OSDI Dry Eye Test Calculation Method

4. The severity of dry eye syndrome can be classified according to the score.

Dry eye syndrome test, starting with "000" is the most important (Agenda series Part.03)

0-12 points: normal
13-22 points: hardness
23-32 points: severity
33-100 points: severe

Scoring symptoms through OSDI has many advantages.

Before starting treatment, the patient’s condition can be objectively evaluated,

It is also beneficial to evaluate the effectiveness of drug treatment.

Numerous studies support the effectiveness and reliability of OSDI .

In addition, there are various survey methods such as NEI VFQ-25, IDEEL, and SPEED, but the simplest and most effective OSDI is widely used.


Above, we looked at the method of identifying the most important subjective symptoms in the dry eye syndrome test section.

For the correct diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome, a clear understanding of the subjective symptoms must be prioritized.

Next time, I will explain the ophthalmic test for dry eye syndrome in two parts: the classic test method and the latest test method.

Don’t think of dry eye syndrome as a simple matter anymore.

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